Galway Truffle Collection

Galway Truffle Collection

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Galway Truffle Collection:
Collection of our most popular truffles featuring 15 bite size chocolates each filled with decadent bold flavours all folded in our own creamy and pure bean to bar chocolate. The collection includes variety of hand painted earl grey and lavender truffles filled with smooth satisfying ganache, beloved salted caramel and tahini & hazelnut praline.
  • Lavender & Earl Grey Truffles
  • Salted Caramel Truffles
  • Tahini & Hazelnut Praline

Box illustration of Galway's iconic music and architectural scene by Sally Caulwell.

*Made without gluten

Why choose us?

Bean to Bar

Our process is unique in Ireland. We complete every stage from the bean to the bar in our boutique chocolate factory in Burren, Co. Clare.

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