Irish Whiskey Truffles 6 truffle box

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Decadent, creamy Irish chocolate truffles infused with distinct and original taste of J.J. Corry Irish Whiskey matured in American bourbon casks.

J.J. Corry bonds their whiskey by sourcing Single Malt and Single Grain Irish Whiskey from the most notable old distilleries in Ireland - very much like we source our finest cacao beans from around the world to create the purest chocolate. It's a match made in heaven and Irish whiskey truffles like no other.

Featuring mildly sweet and smokey coffee flavour notes with a hint of fruit and butterscotch, hand pipped into Irish milk chocolate shell.

6 truffles in a box

Why choose us?

Bean to Bar

Our process is unique in Ireland. We complete every stage from the bean to the bar in our boutique chocolate factory in Burren, Co. Clare.